07 December 2008

i could use some lights!

i could use some lights!

As a child, I recall we always had a freshly cut tree in our house at Christmas. And by fresh, I mean Mom had usually stolen it that very morning from my uncle's woods. Not that he minded, but I don't remember her asking either. It was as simple as the woods were nearby and one tree gone missing wasn't going to put much of a dent in a thick forest of evergreens. Mom was probably doing him a favor by letting in a little sunlight here and there. I was her accomplice in charge of helping to carry the step ladder or saw. Sometimes, we'd steal one for Gramma too...where my uncle lived. Usually, it wasn't until the following spring that he would notice we had taken the top only off a nineteen foot spruce.

Families simply don't bond over theft like they used to...

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