01 December 2008

as skully looks on...

When we last left our heroine, she was somewhere on the cusp of being busy and not caring, and so an unplanned hiatus developed.

I believe I've already mentioned that my camera has been taking a series of craps, so I hesitant to even pick it up these days. Today I've taken it upon myself to steal a photo from TLC's flickr stream. I'm hoping she won't mind as the it was taken in my kitchen.

Thanksgiving was lovely, thanks for asking. Once again this year, it was relatively relative-free. Keeping the drama and football at a minimum. Just food, friends and fun! Wait, that's a fast food motto, isn't it? How about liquor, food, friends and fun? That's more fitting anyway. Since then, the frig has slowly been releasing it's leftover goodness to us. We're still sitting on the last two cupcakes. One pumpkin cream cheese and one pineapple upside down. I'm considering selling them to the highest bidder for a little extra cash.

I need to start a camera fund.

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tlc said...

I'm so dang honored!

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