31 December 2008

bumble attack!

bumble attack!

Staying too busy to blog and flickr these days. Cooking, eating, friends, family, shoveling, enjoying, etc. Plus a day job! I need to find employment that will pay me to do things from the prior list. Ok, maybe not shoveling.

Happy New Year all. From me and Bumble.

29 December 2008

Santa made it!!

Santa made it!!

I could not go to bed until I saw Santa had made it to Madison! Hope he got to your house too!

24 December 2008

may your christmas be...

may your christmas be...

Finally had a little time today to create a Christmas card! Probably too late to send, huh?

I also baked a pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, went grocery shopping, shoveled the pug paths winding through our backyard and cleaned the bathroom! Wow, the amount of work I can get done without having to watch a database spinning it's wheels in front of me is astounding!*

*You know who you are, database.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope Santa brings you everything you're dreaming of...

23 December 2008

time to reflect

time to reflect

View of our buffet from the mirror across the dining room.

Does anyone still need a gift idea for a toddler/preschooler? 'Cuz I just stumbled upon an awesome cd that I'm considering buying for myself! Although, I'm not sure I care to be caught singing "Godfrey (the sickly, unemployed, amateur children's magician)" at the top of my lungs next time I'm stuck in traffic. But what kind of parent would you be if you didn't introduce your little one to the Handsome Family and the Waco Brothers, really? Check it out here, or download it cheaper and faster at itunes.

Come on! All the kids are doing it!

19 December 2008

our future is in these hands

our future belongs in these hands

I don't want to state that the boys across the street are a few cards shy of a full deck, but allow me to submit this as evidence, your honor.

15 December 2008

jacob marley?

jacob marley?

I brought out all my cookie cutters, so in addition to trees and santas, there are also ghosts and dog bones in my odd mix of sugary deliciousness. I only made half a batch as I'm still trying to find the perfect recipe. No luck this year either. These are good but I want an airy, crumbly cookie. These are still too crisp. Maybe I shouldn't roll them so thin. But then I only get three cookies per roll. A full batch would solve that, wouldn't it? Duh.

I continue to be frustrated with my camera. I see everyone on flickr shooting amazingly clear photos which my old rebel can no longer achieve and I just want to chuck it. But I'm junkie. I don't care that the needle is dirty, I just need to shoot up.

All in all, I'd like my photos as crisp as my cookies, and my cookies as crumbly as my photos.

14 December 2008

to everything there is a season

wheel of less fortune

Kensi already opened a gift today! Unfortunately, it didn't belong to her. I recommend that dog owners not place spices under the tree, but no harm done as they're in glass jars.

Seems she favors the Turkish seasoning.

07 December 2008

i could use some lights!

i could use some lights!

As a child, I recall we always had a freshly cut tree in our house at Christmas. And by fresh, I mean Mom had usually stolen it that very morning from my uncle's woods. Not that he minded, but I don't remember her asking either. It was as simple as the woods were nearby and one tree gone missing wasn't going to put much of a dent in a thick forest of evergreens. Mom was probably doing him a favor by letting in a little sunlight here and there. I was her accomplice in charge of helping to carry the step ladder or saw. Sometimes, we'd steal one for Gramma too...where my uncle lived. Usually, it wasn't until the following spring that he would notice we had taken the top only off a nineteen foot spruce.

Families simply don't bond over theft like they used to...

05 December 2008

01 December 2008

as skully looks on...

When we last left our heroine, she was somewhere on the cusp of being busy and not caring, and so an unplanned hiatus developed.

I believe I've already mentioned that my camera has been taking a series of craps, so I hesitant to even pick it up these days. Today I've taken it upon myself to steal a photo from TLC's flickr stream. I'm hoping she won't mind as the it was taken in my kitchen.

Thanksgiving was lovely, thanks for asking. Once again this year, it was relatively relative-free. Keeping the drama and football at a minimum. Just food, friends and fun! Wait, that's a fast food motto, isn't it? How about liquor, food, friends and fun? That's more fitting anyway. Since then, the frig has slowly been releasing it's leftover goodness to us. We're still sitting on the last two cupcakes. One pumpkin cream cheese and one pineapple upside down. I'm considering selling them to the highest bidder for a little extra cash.

I need to start a camera fund.

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