07 November 2008

mud puppy

mud puppy

It's been a fairly emotional week. Every time I hear a clip from Obama's acceptance speech, I get a little vaklempt all over again. I've never looked so forward to a change of power in my life. Good riddance to bad rubBUSH!

In addition to the highs of knowing we're just 76 days away from having a competent president in office, election day was also the day we found out Nigel has diabetes. Which I also consider good news! He had been sick with an ear infection and allergies and was on several different medicines, one of which was causing some weight loss. And if you've met Nigel, this was not a bad thing. But after being done with the meds for a week, the weight was still coming off and over the weekend he grew weaker and his eyes became bloodshot. I took him in Monday and Tuesday for tests, which lead to the diabetes results. Now after just three days, he's back to his bright eyed, tailing wagging, food-dancing self!

So, we have two reasons this week, to breathe a sigh of relief.

The photo is of a little mud creation I made this summer while digging in the flower bed. I hit a spot with quite a bit of clay, and there I sat for ten minutes like I was eight again. Minus a smock.

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Jeff said...

Yay for Obama!!!

That is a great little puppy, and I love the picture too.

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