02 November 2008

gourd bless america

goard bless america

Time could have been better spent on creating a more permanent art piece, of course. But I'm a sucker for slicing into a pumpkin. This particular pumpkin is pretty big, and I didn't take into consideration how thick it was, so a simple candle wasn't producing enough background light. I had to nuke this sucker with a 60 watt. Which is why I couldn't shoot it straight on.

Clicking on the photo will take you to my flickr account where you can see two other angles.

And incase you couldn't tell, this is a portrait of our next president...John McCain. Future President of the Gourd Association of America.


Jeanna said...

Hey, I hope you had a Happy Halloween, Phantom Kitty. Did you go to State Street? I spent way too long down there on Friday.
Kisses to both Kensi and Nigel.

bon bon said...

i didn't. stayed home and doled out candy. you got some great shots! perfect weather for...well, anything!

Jeanna said...

It was perfect and I can't believe today. Will be an even huger turn out if it's this nice tmw.
I have to get all my photos together and put them up on flickr. You know how that is.

amy said...

Nicely done. I tried to do the plain ol' Obama logo in my pumpkin and screwed it up. It ended up being a pumpkin pumpkin.

Donna said...

The pumpkin looks awesome!!!

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