25 November 2008

wrinkle head

wrinkle head

Taken in late October.

The last time I was able to step away from my desk.

20 November 2008

foto free fursday

Being pretty busy these days and only seeing daylight from my desk, I'm not getting in much photography. And I've never considered myself much of a writer, so those two factors add up to one boring blog. My lack of proper grammar and spelling, however, does not limit me from writing.

So I'll throw out this question...

What should I be doing to save money? There's panic in the streets about stocks bottoming out, people losing their homes, the second coming and some other things I'm only half paying attention to when NPR unsuccessfully wakes me up in the morning, instead managing to tangle it's story into my dream causing to me think Nina Totenburg is styling my hair. I mention to Nina, that I don't have any stocks or savings, so no worries there! Almost nine years ago now, we purchased a fifteen year mortgage at 5.05%, so we're sitting alright on that account. We rarely eat out, not even fast food, and have never even had a pizza delivered. I buy shoes and jeans as soon as my last pair wear out. We see about nine movies a year, always a matinee, never getting popcorn or soda. I have never been to a spa or had a manicure. So, as for all these reports of people who are cutting back on their waxing and collagen, the equivalent for me would be to sit in the dark and use cheaper toilet paper. Neither of which I'm willing to do. Have you ever wiped your ass in the dark? Bad things can happen. Especially with thin paper!

If anyone out there would care to share some of their realistic ways of cutting back, by all means share. I'd like to hear from those of you who don't buy your salad pre-chopped in a bag. Seriously, that's just wasteful.

14 November 2008

note to luke...

note to luke...


Would you be a dear and go over to the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum and pick me up another bottle of this? We finished it off on some tilapia tonight, and I was like "why aren't I putting this on every thing I make?" I seriously think this shit might even be good on ice cream.

It was $8. I'll pay you upon completed transaction. Thanks.

Love you. :o)


07 November 2008

mud puppy

mud puppy

It's been a fairly emotional week. Every time I hear a clip from Obama's acceptance speech, I get a little vaklempt all over again. I've never looked so forward to a change of power in my life. Good riddance to bad rubBUSH!

In addition to the highs of knowing we're just 76 days away from having a competent president in office, election day was also the day we found out Nigel has diabetes. Which I also consider good news! He had been sick with an ear infection and allergies and was on several different medicines, one of which was causing some weight loss. And if you've met Nigel, this was not a bad thing. But after being done with the meds for a week, the weight was still coming off and over the weekend he grew weaker and his eyes became bloodshot. I took him in Monday and Tuesday for tests, which lead to the diabetes results. Now after just three days, he's back to his bright eyed, tailing wagging, food-dancing self!

So, we have two reasons this week, to breathe a sigh of relief.

The photo is of a little mud creation I made this summer while digging in the flower bed. I hit a spot with quite a bit of clay, and there I sat for ten minutes like I was eight again. Minus a smock.

02 November 2008

gourd bless america

goard bless america

Time could have been better spent on creating a more permanent art piece, of course. But I'm a sucker for slicing into a pumpkin. This particular pumpkin is pretty big, and I didn't take into consideration how thick it was, so a simple candle wasn't producing enough background light. I had to nuke this sucker with a 60 watt. Which is why I couldn't shoot it straight on.

Clicking on the photo will take you to my flickr account where you can see two other angles.

And incase you couldn't tell, this is a portrait of our next president...John McCain. Future President of the Gourd Association of America.

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