16 October 2008

red, white and blew

red, white and blew

I take the country route home on occasion, frequently on Fridays, to avoid the northbound traffic of Ill"annoy"ians clogging our highways. You'd think that there would be something to do in Illinois on the weekend, but the amount of people leaving the state proves otherwise. Oh, I kid. I love the state beneath us.

I have quite a few relatives there so I shouldn't speak ill of flat landers. They're equally abusive with their cheesehead insults. Well, guess what Illinois, Lincoln was born and raised in Kentucky. Your serve.

Just looked up "cheesehead" in the urban dictionary, and Wisconsinites must be running the site because they've claimed the title as an affectionate term. "FIB" on the other hand...

Boy, this sure took a negative tone after posting such a serene photo, huh? Hopefully none of you can read.

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thechrisproject said...

That last line made me snicker out loud.

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