12 October 2008

monument to autumn

monument to autumn

We made almost every effort to get up to my parents' woods while the colors were at their peak, but according to Dad we missed it by four days, six hours and thirty-seven minutes. Or some such shit. Ok, so we should've tried harder to get up there last weekend. The woods were still beautiful even though a majority of it has turned to yellow and brown. Temperatures were still in the 80ยบ, so we slept in the camper. Dad warned us there was a bear down there, and proved it by showing us the photos he had taken of it's poop. Bear eat a lot of corn, were you aware? Anyway, we cannot confirm or deny Dad's photos. Hell, he may have taken them at the zoo.

Mom fed us too much (as always). We could have our choice of cookies, cake or pie for dessert. Then "do you want ice cream or cool whip on that?" Seriously. Plus, Mom can never make just a pork roast, or just a beef roast. They must be made together as a porkandbeefroast. At the Ule's, food is love.

Obviously, they're fond of bears too as they supplied all that corn.


amy said...

Can your mom have a word with my mom?

bon bon said...

am i reading that correctly, as an off-handed insult to your own mother? if so, mum's the word...
yar, yar.

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