19 October 2008



Another jam-packed weekend. Friday evening we attended the opening reception for Mami Wata: A Carnival of Water Creatures at the Chazen Museum of Art. The performances were wonderful and the exhibition a stunning collection of art all honoring "Mother Water". It continues through January 11, 2009. This photo is part of the Atimevu Drum and Dance Ensemble.

Saturday, Lynda Barry, along with several other topical (and vocal) graphic illustrators presented a discussion on communicating politically and socially through their art. Not a right-winger in the house. Although, we didn't go for the Bush-bashing (that was just a perk), we went because Lynda Barry a damn funny speaker.

We rounded out the weekend, taking in art and autumn with Joel and Terri! We only got in about a quarter of the studios on the list, as it was a rather lackadaisical tour with stops every time we saw a vibrant tree or shear cliff to take a photo of. Plus the big cats! We'd been on the art tour several times over the years but had no idea this organization was in this small town. It was pretty disheartening to know these beautiful animals will now live out their lives in cages, but they were all rescued from abuse and neglect, so a 30 x 40' space (I'm guessing here) with plenty of food, toys, and people who care about them, isn't such a horrible outcome.

I have quite a few photos to go through naturally, as I'm sure does Terri, although she already has a few posted. She's so on the ball.

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