20 September 2008

under my umber-el-a-a-a-a

under my umber-el-a-a-a-a

Did I mention we got our fare share of rain while we were there? Well, I'm saying it again to emphasize the fact we got our fare share of rain while we were there. I think this is the afternoon that we got a nap in.

I was reminded of something yesterday (it being Talk Like a Pirate Day), that reoccurred at the film fest. At the first movie we attended, the volunteer came out to announce the director, yadda yadda, and state that they had a "no piracy" policy. A handful of audience members vocally exclaimed, aaaaargh. Their synchronicity lead us to believe this was not the first time it happened. Over the next several days, at every movie, a small of group would whip out pirate noises every time the anti-piracy message was splashed across the screen. Rather quietly too as if the said pirates were disappointed with this decision. Non-pirates would then giggled. Rubbing it in.

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