01 September 2008

grrl group

omg, who are those hotties?! Alright, it's TLC, Cupcake Wahine and myself rocking out. TLC was unfamiliar with Creep and required backup.

Anyway, the recent addition to the wedding set photos were taken by our pal, Steve, and marked as such.

We're enjoying a gorgeous Labor Day weekend! Backyard campfires, Taste of Madison, flinging fallen pears from the tree before the wasps find them...what everyone is doing with their three day weekend! I do need to get some work done as well. Glenn went into work this morning for a few hours and I should be using this time to do the same. But doing something that is so very thankless and unfulfilling usually requires some procrastination. Procrastination before motivation! I think I just found a new motto.


amy said...

Apparently blogger can't even handle the heat of the hotties. The photo is "currently unavailable." I'll just have to use my imagination.

Jeff said...

One of your previous posts said that "unavailable" thing too, although I can see this one no problem. All I can say is it's about time you posted a picture of yourself. Nice to "see" you :-)

bon bon said...

sorry about this guys. neither of my companions spoke favorably of this photo in flickr, so i switched it so that "friends only" could see it. well, i link my blog photos from flickr which made it unavailable here. i should pay closer attention to things like that.

anyway, this time i uploaded directly from the desktop, hence the size difference. maybe they will tolerate it smaller. if i hear more from the peanut gallery, come back in a few days and the image will be microscopic.

Jeff said...

Oh, so you're saying we're not "friends" eh? ;-)

bon bon said...

that's right.
no seriously, if either you or amy had flickr accounts, you'd be my BFFs!

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