27 September 2008

bubbly conversation

bubbly conversation

You can't have a parade on Willy Street without the infamous bubblecar! Or hippies.

The 30th annual Willy Street Fair was held last weekend, and it was perfect belly-exposing weather. Afterwards, we walked around with Olive for a while (who was in the parade. Although, anyone who wanted to be in the parade could be), and it was fun watching her and the reaction of the people seeing her. Men especially enjoyed the view. Now, I've heard tales of when Republicans "party". Lots of money is spent on food, drugs and hookers, and somehow that expense falls back on the hands of the taxpayer. Dems know how to throw a cheap party. AND because they're also Earth conscious, can clean up after themselves. Just be sure to sign the petition at the Labor booth after enjoying your plate of humus.

Today we're heading to Dogtoberfest at Capital Brewery in Middleton. Although the high temps are still pushing 80ยบ around here. Not comfortable pug weather. Could be we'll sit in the air-conditioned car barking at bypassers.

No party affiliation required there.

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