27 August 2008



Been working some long hours lately. Mr. Blog and I haven't been seeing too much of each other. Like any relationship, ours is currently waning. The admiration is still there, but we're just not able to find much quality time. I'm sure things will pick up after some therapy.

The photo was taken last Saturday in Madison. Sonny Landreth played a free concert outdoor in Orton Park. We saw him several years back playing an outdoor event in Milwaukee too. Also free. We're cheap like that. Or rather, we know how to enjoy ourselves on a shoestring.

Fact is, we need to save all our "loonies" for our trip to Canada next weekend! We're heading to the Toronto Film Fest to see how much celebrity action we can score. Wish me luck in the form of Gael Garcia Bernal.


Jeff said...

Make sure to bring your camera and walk down Church Street after 10pm. Some of the "ladies" I encountered along that route will make perfect subject matter for you.

bon bon said...

last time we were there, we stayed at a lovely b&b on dundonald, just half a block from church st. this time we'll be a block south of ryerson university. obviously, all the "action" happens somewhere in the middle.

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