29 August 2008

every august

every august

...these flowers shoot up on tall stalks in my flower bed and die a week later. I have no idea what they are.

So, Glenn and I are currently in the process of researching All Things Toronto in preparation for our upcoming trip. We have fortunately, been there before we so do know the difference between Kensington Market and St Lawrence Market. (One is named after my dog!) But we’re by no means seasoned, so this last week, we’re cramming. And not just typical stuff like, who makes the best peameal bacon sandwich in town. No! We have to read up on all the movies playing! We’ll most likely be standing in sold out rush lines for several hours, and if the film sucks, well, that’s 4-5 hours we’ll never get back. (Thanks a lot, John Waters!)

What do you think...it this plot worth the wait?


perry mason said...

They are called resurrection lilies. The plants die down late spring and then, about this time of year, the blossom pops out of the ground ("resurrects").

bon bon said...

oh thanks!! they were here when we moved in...

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