09 August 2008

eef barzelay

eef barzelay

No good photos of Eef's performance Thursday night. Cafe Montmartre's lighting is comparable to that of the inside of a mole's lair. If moles reside in lairs. An evil mole, I suppose. Anyhoo, I put on the lensbaby lens, turned the camera to 3200 asa, and crossed my fingers. Then of the shots that did turn out, not many resembled him. Not sure what that's about. Just the same, I was there and this proves it. So do not challenge me.

He signed a cd for me too. In case more proof is needed.

On a totally unrelated tangent, I came across this website today, which amused me. Obviously none of these folks ever landed on Designed To Sell while flipping though the channels.

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