28 August 2008

armless bandits

armless bandits

Are you aware you're not allowed to take photos in a casino? Me neither.

I'm sitting here waiting for Obama to make his appearance at the DNC tonight, and curious as to who is responsible for picking out all the music. "Isn't She Lovely" played the other night when Michelle Obama came out. Sure, there are no songs that exclaim "Isn't She a Lawyer" but someone could've put a little more thought into the selections. Or least allowed someone younger to do it. Barack could leave the stage to DeVotchka's Head Honcho. Hell, I'm sure Conor Oberst would probably write a song specifically for the event if he was asked nicely.

While we wait for our next president to appear, take a look at this.
And smile–
Where The Hell is Matt?


thechrisproject said...

I knew you couldn't take pictures in a Casino, but I'm not sure why. I know banks won't let you, because I've tried that before.

I love the Where The Hell is Matt videos. Have you seen his site? There are a few more on there.

bon bon said...

yes. he was on some morning talk show discussing his travels, so i explored the interweb looking for more. i'm fascinated by the whole thing.

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