03 August 2008

{add zebra noise here}

{add zebra noise here}

Earlier this week, TLC and I went to check out what was going down in Richland Center. Turns out things were going up. A house being built by ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I knew nothing about it, but when she said "hey, wanna go?" I said, "do I need to take off work?" and you can pretty much guess the rest of that conversation.

I didn't take any exciting shots, as we couldn't get that close. Which is why you're getting this shot of a zebra's ass instead. We stopped at a roadside vegetable market/petting zoo on the way home to get our fill of cheese curds and being nibbled by baby goats. Gotta love Wisconsin, right? I'm sorry, that's not really a question as the correct response is most certainly...yes.

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