11 July 2008



Hi everyone!

I obviously have a very good excuse why you haven't heard from me in some time. I'm in the middle of two weeks off preparing for Luke and Tria's wedding to happen in our backyard. (What?! oh god!!) Before that, I had to work some nasty hours in anticipation of these two weeks. I'd like to say I'm getting in a little r&r but I foresee needing a vacation after this staycation.

This shot is from last Saturday when my folks and aunt and uncle came to assist in much needed manual labor. What my family won't do for free beer and a grilled brat, huh? They actually covered the whole 400+ square foot area in one day! And it looks amazing! I was getting worried because it was looking like such a huge undertaking as we were slowly chipping away at it. So, we're impressed and delighted that it's nearly done at this stage. Sunday, Glenn and I laid down trim to hold the pavers in, and Wednesday my parents came back to add a step coming off the door. The neighbors commented we could open a Parisian cafe back there! Which would be a very good idea to help pay for the project.

We did get in one day of fun the other day. We had bought Cubs tickets way back in spring, so we left my parents to toil away laying brick, to enjoy a summer day at Wriggley Field. Yes, we're bastards like that. Seriously, Dad could've drove down on Thursday instead, but he picked Wednesday, and far be it from me to alter the final decision of a republican.

Heaven only knows when I'll get the Cubs photos processed. Did I mention we've got a wedding here in eight days?

After a very stormy night last night, it looks like the sun is trying to come out, so if you'll excuse me, my to-do list is calling...

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Jeff said...

Lookin good!

You're lucky. For some reason my friends all seem to become mysteriously "unavailable" when I begin a project like that.

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