26 July 2008

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As mentioned a week or so ago, we spent the day in Chicago. Specifically, half the day in the "friendly confines of Wrigley Field". I'm not sure who coined that phrase as the Cub's bleacher bums I had the pleasure of sitting next to, were some of the most vicious people I've encountered in quite some time. Although, I guess antagonizing the opposing team's right fielder is the norm. I'll admit, some of what they shouted was pretty hilarious, I did picture a single tear falling down Adam Dunn's face.

I'd never been to Wrigley before. I know little of "sports" in general and I just wanted to see it for it's historic value. The fact that this ballpark stands in the center of a crowded neighborhood seems very European. People overflow into the street after the game whooping it up, open-air bars enticing fans with specials to wait out the masses, peddlers selling last chance t-shirts just inches from cops shouting at traffic and tipsy pedestrians. Chaotic entertainment! It's been years since I went to a Brewer game, but all I recall is walking out to a huge parking lot, searching for the car then driving at fifteen miles an hours for the next 45 minutes or so.

Come on! Who wouldn't rather party with the Cub fans? Just don't mention being a Wisconsin native. They can get kind of ornery if you are deemed an enemy.

See the entire set here.

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