21 July 2008

the happy couple

the happy couple

The big day has finally come and gone. Canopies have been returned. Friends and relatives have all gone home. The punch bowl has been cleaned and returned to the back of the cupboard. And somewhere along the line, I acquired a daughter-in-law. Which is all very cool. Luke and Tria have been a couple for eight years already, so really this was just a reason to get a bunch a people together to play Rock Band and eat tacos. You know, like every other wedding.

Most of the photos in the flickr set, are set for friends only to see. Not because there's anything to hide, I just don't feel that most people would care to see a bunch of wedding photos. But if you're interested, let me know, and I'll send you a guest pass.

As for now, I do still have a little sleep to catch up on.


Arjan said...

did you eat some cake next to the tacos? Cause what's a wedding without cake?

bon bon said...

even better...cupcakes! so you got your choice of marble, key lime, or red velvet w/ cookie dough. (my fave!) i have a link to her web site listed.

i've decided to turn all the photos on for anyone to see. my thoughts initially, were that not many people would care, but i guess if you don't care, don't look, right?

cupcake shots included. ;o)

Pecos Blue said...

Congratulations as great to have it done and done well.

bon bon said...

thanks pecos! :o)

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