13 July 2008

amber waves

amber waves


Jeff said...

Gorgeous picture.

I see a brontosaurus in the sky.

bon bon said...

hey! good spot! i didn't notice that.

kerry said...

You should submit it to one of my favourite sites, the cloud appreciation society (I'm member 1409)

Also, have you seen

Greg said...

I think that's a velociraptor up there.

bon bon said...

wow, that video is wild!
you know, it's crossed my mind to photoshop things into clouds. i've even take some shots in anticipation so i wonder how many people have already done it.

but no...i did not add this raptor-suarus in this case.

Sam said...

Really beautiful picture! I need to take some time to learn to take photographs proper.

p.s. I have just noticed the link to my site! Good work.

bon bon said...

thanks sam.
dan likes to jab at me whenever he can, so i do what i can back at him.

Ginger said...

Gorgeous picture enjoyed your blog so much.
hugs ginger(lovestodream)

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