12 June 2008

working it

working it

Tough day at the office. Ok, not really. Location shots are always a nice break. And it's a bonus when your model is a part-time stripper. Honestly, I had no idea when I picked him. I just needed someone who looked the fireman type. Little did I know he probably owns a tear away uniform.

We got several shots in in the morning before the rain returned in the afternoon. Meaning, we haven't had much relief lately. More tornado warnings this evening, and the amount of roads closed in southern Wisconsin is staggering. Earlier in the week, Lake Delton decided it was tired of providing tourists with waterski shows and took it's own vacation down the Wisconsin River. This evening the news mentioned that the Wisconsin Ducks have been brought out for rescue purposes. Something I've never heard of them doing before. It's armageddon, I tell ya! Apparently hell is very wet. Grab a dry towel before heading down.


tlc said...

I'm trying to figure out how to attach an outboard motor to my car. Tomorrow is supposed to be a meeting in Stevens Point. Don't know how to get there.

BTW - you remember that the Ducks are military vehicles, right?

Sam said...

Where did you get the fire engine from?? Do they hire them out?

bon bon said...

tlc—yes! the link mentions it too. i don't know how you're getting to point. internet conference perhaps?

sam—i work for a safety company so we'll often call a local business to use their facilities, and they'll say "sure, show up between 8-9!" it's amazing what people will let you do if you just flash a business card.

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