03 June 2008

langhorne slim

langhorne slim

I've been eyeing-balling twitter (only because I want to be as cool as Greg), but since I'm so strapped for time these days, and only check in with my facebook account maybe once a month as it is, I don't feel like I need to be on top of yet another technological trapping. Then, I say this as if I own a cell phone. Which I do not. I'm not even sure how to spell cell phone. Is it one word? Mobile. I like that word better really. I wish we'd adopt the UK version. Especially with the accent, emphasizing "bile". Which is rather appropriate, if I may say so.

To prove how slackluster I've become, this photo was taken a week ago Monday. We went to see Langhorne Slim in Madison. Great show and swell guy. We saw him about six years ago when he opened for The Trachtenburg Family and he hadn't been back to Madison since. Not sure why. But no matter. "Veni, vidi, vici."

See him while you still can this close and experience his spittle first hand. If only there were some way to keep in touch with where musicians were playing at any given moment.


S.A.S. said...

In Germany they are called "handys". I recall my Aunt saying,"my handy kaput".
AND if you owned a handy you could keep up on who's playing where!

Jeff said...

See, this is why I need you to come and take pictures of me while I perform. I have NOTHING cool like this. Can you come up tomorrow night?

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