17 June 2008

heating up the stage

heating up the stage

I guest posted on Dan's blog today (or yesterday if you're in the UK), and he's sending viewers this way with promises of t&a. So, I feel obligated to provide you with some. I'd have more from the weekend, but this bar was dark, my auto-focus doesn't work, and my night-vision fails me. I am old, after all.

If it's just corsets and pasties you're after, feel free to peruse either of my flickr accounts where there's boobage a-plenty. Look for anything labeled Dr. Sketchy's or burlesque:
phantom kitty set
Dr Sketchy set

But let's face it. The pugs get all the hits.


Sam said...

I opened your blog page at work today and had to quickly shut it down... :)

bon bon said...

my life is now complete.

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