14 May 2008

dave @ work

dave @ work

This is my son, Cub's third dinosaur tattoo. All relatively this same size. Why he keeps getting dinosaurs is a mystery even to him as he has no real interest in them as a subject. Only as tattoos. But they've all turned out pretty cool, each done by Dave Nielsen shown here, from Steve's Tattoo. As an artist myself, I appreciate his skills, even though I personally don't feel the need for a tattoo. I'm too fickle about the art I hang on my walls. What are the chances I'd want to see something on my body for the rest of my life? I told him I'd come back when I'm about 80. I may have settled on one by then.


thechrisproject said...

80 year olds get tattoos too! I go by this rule: I have to want the tattoo for at least 3 years before I get it. I only have one, but have another 3 or 4 that have passed the 3 year mark, but it's still hard to decide.

bon bon said...

cub is a bit more impromtu. like, make the appointment and hope you find a design before you get there. my rule is easier: avoid tattoos. :o)

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