10 May 2008

avett brothers

avett brothers

Last month we went to see The New Pornographers in concert, who are amazing musicians that put on an outstanding show. Although, I'm rarely disappointed seeing any talented group of performers, I'm normally not one to go see anyone in a venue that seats over, say 500.

Last night, I give you The Avett Brothers. Hole. E. Crap. You may think you are enjoying a concert sitting 200 yards away from a band with 3000 of your closest friends singing along, drowning out the actually talent, but the only point you are making is you know all the words to Layla. The thought of paying hundreds of dollars to see someone the size of a eraser head, mystifies me. Why not just buy a bigger tv and wait for their MTV special. (Or whatever "the kids" are watching these days.)

The Avett Brothers were absolutely astounding, and I'll acknowledge this with the fact that they were sold out, and attendees were not drunk. A show where people came to hear, not to be seen. Not to say it was a church service, by any means. Although, I've never attended a southern Baptist revival, last night I may have witnessed a few folks finding their religion.

That said, I've already purchased my tickets to see Langhorne Slim on the 26th. See you there, fellow believers.


Dan said...

Mmm.. you say that, but I think the closest I've ever come to a religious experience is during "one Love' at a U2 gig. Sometimes large numbers of people experiencing the same thing can be very powerful

bon bon said...

I realize it happens. It's similar to people attend huge stadiums for sporting events. But are you connecting with the band/team or the people around you? These guys played like it was their last concert ever, and their gratitude was truly heartfelt. Could be I'm just the one-on-one type.

Jeff said...

Great shot.

I so need you to come to one of my gigs and take some pictures of us. We've got nothing and the clubs are asking for posters.

BillyWarhol said...

Yeah Live Shows Rock*

Saw New Pornos at MuchMusic Vid Awards*


EntreCard RED HOT DROPPING!!******




Cheers Everybody!! Billy ;)) Peace*

bon bon said...

i'd love to jeff! we plan on coming into the twin cities later this summer. we'll try to hit a weekend you've got a gig. :o)

Jeff said...

Just look at www.thereceders.com to see our schedule. I would indeed be way cool to meet you :-)

Jeff said...

Oh I forgot... my duet would another option as well, but I don't have a calendar of those events, so just let me know when you're planning on coming to MN.

bon bon said...

awesome! it will most likely be closer to labor day than memorial, but i'll definately let you know!

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