01 April 2008

terror from land, sea and sky!

terror from land, sea and sky!

We held a b-movie Dr. Sketchy on Sunday! Although I have yet to process the photos. More long hours. And coincidentally, I have to prepare for the Wisconsin Film Fest this weekend. I volunteer every year and there are meetings to attend and films to memorize. In addition, I'll be attending five films so trips to Madison will be frequent. Sunday I work 9:30am to 10pm at the Bartell. I've never been scheduled at the Bartell before so I hope it's an easy venue considering I'll be there 12+ hours! This may be a good time to take up coffee drinking. Or amphetamines.

Here's a shot I love that Glenn took few years ago that currently hangs in our living room.


thechrisproject said...

The Film Fest has retained me to shoot the festival, so I'm sure I'll see you there at some point.

bon bon said...

way to go! i did see a shot of yours on the website! are you seeing movies too?

thechrisproject said...

I wanted to (and bought tickets), but I'm pretty much going to be running around from venue to venue for 4 days straight. If I can fit a movie in here or there, I'll try.

Jeff said...

What do you mean when you say you have films to memorize? I know all the lines to Monty Python's Holy Grail, but I don't think that's what you're talking about.

bon bon said...

oh, i should've explained that better...
i need to know what's playing when at the theatre i'm working at, what the films are about, what county they're from, documentary vs. feature, etc. the people demand such information. and our #1 rule is, "treat everyone like they are your grandmother or other favorite person!"

good thing they added that last part because my grandma deserves a swift karate chop.

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