23 April 2008

old buds

old buds

I didn't intend to leave all of you hanging as I’ve received countless emails from fans jonesing for an update from phantom kitty. And by countless, I mean, zero. But allow me to bring you up to speed whether you’re interested or not.

Some of you may be aware, my son is getting married this summer. In our backyard. Which means much work needs to be done, so the bouncey house and margarita machine are in presentable surroundings. This weekend we went shopping for wedding attire for them. Obviously the bridal gown and tux have been nixed, ‘cuz both would be rather constricting on a slip ‘n slide. My parents have been ordered to build us a deck. We’ve kept them alive this long, for just such a purpose. My dad is a retired builder who promised each of his kids a house that he would build. He’s not had to take any of us up on this yet, fortunately for him. But I’ll have a kick ass pie server to remember him by.

Monday night, the Mr. and I went to see the New Pornographers in concert. No photography was allowed, but seeing I was promised Neko Case when I bought the damn tickets, I couldn’t promise them no photography either. It was a great show even if she did break her foot and wuss out. We rarely see shows of this magnitude. For the most part, our concerts involve bands who run their own t-shirt sales table. Which was the case the first four or five times we saw Neko. This photo is from the first time we saw her and she signed it on the second. “No, I’m not stalking you! By the way, are you finished with your panties?”

Last night was a whole ‘nother can of worms! TLC and I headed over to Cupcake Wahine’s to assist in monkey cupcake construction. (Boy, is that line going to generate the hits on google!) CW had received a cupcake order with a limited time span, and due to the fact this is NOT her full time job, she was up to her armpits in monkey parts. I’ll post some photos tomorrow as I took quite a few and you’re going to want to see the series in it’s entirety, believe me!


Terri said...

CW was way past her armpits in monkey parts. If anyone wants a great cupcake, she's your gal. Not sure she will offer to decorate them for you though. She is just talented enough for that. I've never heard the term "rat bastard" so many times in one evening . . .

S.A.S. said...

I was not aware of a wedding! Guess I know where I stand!

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