13 April 2008

a little off/over the top

a little off the top
a little over the top

Last night we attended an art show at Cha Cha Hair Salon/Anxiety Gallery in which the husband had a piece! Yea! I didn't see anything sell though as everyone there had more tattoos on them then money. No offense, tattooed people! It's obvious you like art, you simply wish to make a more permanent statement with it. I get it.

No, I don't, but I'm afraid of being seen as unhip in your presence.

Mind if I change the subject for a moment? Who here hates Ticketmaster? Everyone? Not surprised. I wasted ALL of my lunch hour on Friday punching in lame ass code words trying to get tickets to the Flight of the Conchords show coming to Chicago. Unsuccessfully. Unsuckcessfully. Ricockulously so. They're coming to Milwaukee too, but those tickets went on sale first so I got in that game even later. If anyone knows someone with extras, let me know. Hey, I may be able to trade you some original art for them! Don't mention that little deal to my husband though, ok?

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