08 April 2008

hold that pose!

hold that pose!

Took in five movies this weekend and spent eleven hours Sunday volunteering for the film fest. I haven't recovered yet. I'm sure Chris is worse for wear as he was the official photog this year! Looking forward to seeing what he captured. Except for anything he shot of me, 'cuz I'm not too comfortable on that side of the lens.

Yesterday, Cupcake Wahine assisted me in getting my new laptop (her old one!) hooked up for wireless internet. So, now I too, can follow in the footsteps of Greg and Dan, and blog from the toilet! Except that I'm female so I get in and out in under two minutes. Instead I'll just stick to blogging while watching Cash Cab, as I'm doing now. If I accidentally type in things like Zapruder, it's because I'm getting overzealous during the street shout out.

So, as you can tell I've finally got the sketchy set loaded from last weekend. This is Moxie demonstrating a taste of what you may see her doing in a event that requires her to move! Tempting, yes? Look for her and several lovely ladies who frequent Dr. Sketchy's at a Peach Pie show near you! (If you're near Madison.)

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Dan said...

There is no finer activity than blogging from the toilet. If I accidently type in things like Nnnnnggg, it's because i'm getting overzealous.

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