17 March 2008


window dressing

Yesterday I played tourist in the small town of Columbus, Wisconsin, about 45 minutes from my home. I was not alone as hundreds of other people were walking around to see the crew of Public Enemies turn the town into 1930's Indiana. Johnny Depp arrived to film today. Here's the inside scoop! I'm a huge Depp fan (and I can say that because I fell in love with him in Cry Baby. Can you say that, little twenty-something? No, so shut up and let an mature woman through), but I didn't know if there'd be any point. It also happens to be spring break, so my guess is every female that didn't leave for Florida or Mexico this week, would be heading to Columbus, Jack Sparrow photo in hand. I'm a Edward Scissorhands gal myself.


Jeff said...

Columbus, WI... the new Hollywood!

Demetria said...

I certainly *can* say I gained my fondness for Johnny in Cry Baby...ha!

bon bon said...

yes, but you were 9...come on now.

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