07 March 2008

got the pose down

got the pose down

I finally got all the photos up last night (early morning) from the last Dr. Sketchy's! I haven't put them in any groups as of this moment, so I figured I'd post the one that had gotten the most hits so far. This is the winner, ladies and gents. Not sure the reason behind it except that I've tagged it with the word "feet". Hey, I'm not knocking any fetishists because to each his/her own, right? But are feet really that attractive? Why not hands? Or am I out of touch and there are hand-fetishists out there? Ok, that's a just general observation. You don't have to respond.

This is Shane's interpretation as The Birth of Venus. Which he nailed! When Shane isn't standing perfectly still, you'll find him singing his big heart out with Screamin' Cyn Cyn and the Pons. Or as their myspace proclaims, he's all up on your dick. I'm unsure how to interpret that.

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Megan said...

Believe me- there is EVERY kind of fetish that you can possibly imagine.

Including hand fetishes.

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