10 March 2008

but i have no mouth yet

but i have no mouth yet

Saturday was Schwaklakk. Our annual soap carving party. You heard me. Soap carving. Maybe you were there! All the hip and happening people were. If you missed out, no doubt you'll be there next year. 'Cuz you wouldn't want to say you missed the event of the year two years running.

This piece was my contribution. See the whole set here.


Dan said...

Oh bugger, I forgot all about it.

I have a fancinating story about the scream, but I shall save it for my blog as I'll be damned if i'm waisting good material in the comments section of some chick who carves soap.

Jeff said...

Great work by all of you! Ahh, alcohol and knives... what could possibly go wrong?!

Megan said...

I think we're going to start doing random soap carving sessions... starting tonight. And by we, I mean Katie, her husband, and myself.

I'll be sure to take pics of our creations and flickr them.

Thanks for the inspiration! ;)

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