29 February 2008

such is life

such is life

A tasty look at some goodies from Vom Fass in Madison. A new store featuring oils, vinegars and a few wines. Sample flavors before buying, pick out your bottles of choice, and walk out saying "holy shit, I just spent $62.58 on oil and vinegar!" But mark my words, you will go back again...


On a personal level, I should bring you all (er, both of you) up to speed on my life. Last week, my husband and I purchased his place of business. Something I haven't really talked about because I felt like it was never going to happen. Plus, if you know me, you’ve seen the constant twitch under my right eye for the past six months, so really not much point in mentioning it. But sweet jeebus, what a series of hoops we’ve been jumping through...let’s just say something like 137. 137 hoops. All while riding a blindfolded water-buffalo. 'Cuz every once in a while something gets thrown into the mix that makes no sense to either of us.

Through this experience, I can now offer this piece of advice. Don’t buy anything. Wait until Donald Trump gets his hands on the property you’re looking at, then just apply for a spot on The Apprentice. In the long run that would be easier, and you’ll get your face out there for being a go-getter and land that big corner office with the lovely glass ceiling.

I kid. I don’t really know what we’re in for yet as we've had it just over a week. Plus, it’s not changing my day-to-day schedule. Glenn’s the one who has been running the place for 13-odd years. Only difference is now he can’t push any complains on to the owner. Well, he still can I suppose, but the person on the line would be confused when it’s his voice still on the phone.

Last weekend, I got a few rooms cleaned out, hung a few photos in the main office, and started working on the website. As things progress, I'll keep you posted and start hitting you up for business. 'Cuz you are SOOOOO going to want what I have to sell you.


Jeff said...

They just closed the one cool (albeit still retail chain) store we had in this town, World Market. I used to buy all kinds of neat stuff there. NOW where do I go?

Greg said...


I SOOOOO want what you and G. have to sell me!

TexWisGirl said...

Congrats on the purchase (finally!!) on your own business! Let the real stress begin!!!

Happy Birthday Girlie! Have a great year ahead of you!

bon bon said...

jeff—how fortunate for you to know me now! and you don't even know what it is you need yet...

thanks greg! be sure to drop in and demand free samples. just tell glenn the secret word is *swordfish*.

texwisgirl—hey you! thank you kindly on both parts! just watch me age now, huh?! ;o)

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