18 February 2008

spivvy g-man

spivvy g-man

I don't know this gentleman, but he was kind enough to allow me to take this photo of him this weekend. He and I were two of the thousands of people who attended an open casting call for the movie Public Enemies to be filmed in the Madison area this spring. Looking at this face, I'd say his chances are better than mine. Frankly, a lot of people have a better chance than I do, but I had nothing to lose by trying out. Except a few hours of standing around, I suppose.

Everyone filled out a simple questionaire with their photo attached, we received a short speech on the inner workings of the movie industry, then they snapped another photo or two of you holding a number for their records. And that was that! "Our people will call your people!" Just kidding, people from Wisconsin, don't have people!

As we were all leaving, I stopped a few styling folks that I thought fit the bill. However, I only got a few portraits in before security busted me. We were no longer in the rooms where the casting call was taking place, and the people were allowing me to do so, but they figured I was working for the enemy, or a member of terrorist organization, or something. I guess one of these people might actually make it into the film, so I shouldn't be letting the cat out of the bag. Which is understandable, I guess. The security guard was nice about it and I apologized, which is the midwest thing to do, then dragged my sorry ass back out into the cold.

So, if you see this dapper fellow in the next Johnny Depp movie, I don't know nuttin', see?!


Jeff said...

Great shot. That guy definitely has the look.

EricJon said...

I think this is my former Madison Media Institute instructor, John Wethal.

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