25 February 2008

can we be tired of all this ice and snow?

can we be tired of all this ice and snow?

My vote is going to the person who can built a weather machine, and put term limits on all this snow we're having! I think I may have heard Kucinich talking about it early in his campaign, but we were no where near the 86" level of snow when he was still in the game. What a fool I was to let his power slip through my fingers! Damn you, Kucinich! Come back to us! I believe I heard he's currently hibernating.

Actually, Cheney would probably be the right guy to melt the 4" of ice off my driveway. There's got to be a lot of heat coming off the right-hand man to Satan.

Oh man, I'm tired...


Dan said...

Pah! so you had a bit of snow, big deal! It rained here last tuesday and do you hear me complaining?

bon bon said...

it's my right as an american to complain. it's why my forefathers fled your country.

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