07 January 2008

me on Wii

me on Wii

This was taken on Thanksgiving. (I'm a little behind in my postings obviously.) Looks like me, doesn't it? Right down to the telltale smirk. The fact that I'm holding a bowling ball may have thrown you. The pants they put you in in the baseball game aren't quite attractive enough to show you. Pa-lease.

This game was a little one-on-one with Jesus Christ. He's talks a big game, but I rubbed his nose in it. Actually, tlc was playing my character while I was taking photos here, but I did beat Andy Gibb myself prior to this game. He's the one standing in the background next to Jesus. If you look closely, you'll notice he's crying. Hence my smirk.


Jeff said...

So what exactly are those two round purple things... arms? balloons? misaligned boobs?

And why are you throwing a watermelon?

Greg said...

How come Christ doesn't have boobs like that?

bon bon said...

the wii designers have not yet prefected hands. or bowling balls, i guess.

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