14 January 2008

the best of the midwest burlesk

the best of the midwest burlesk

Minneapolis Road Trip Summary

FRI—Mile after mile of I-94 in northwest Wisconsin had one photogenic image after another, with the trees full of fresh snow! Not that I got many going 65 mph. Stopped in Osseo at the infamous Norske Nook for supper and their world-renowned pie selection! I opted for the pumpkin cream cheese. Arrived in Minneapolis with little time to spare as we kept getting off the interstate to ask for directions. None of us were at the comfort level to say, yes, this is the correct exit! Fortunately, Minnesotans are known for the politeness, so no one sent us on a wild goose chase. We parked close to the Ritz theatre about twenty minutes before the start of the show—The Best of the Midwest Burlesk, currently playing at Lili's Burlesque Revue. We had planned to hit the hotel to change first, but we didn’t feel or look out of place in jeans as many others attending had the casual Friday thing going as well. The show was a “hoot”! Loved the slight midwest inflections in our hostess’ voice. Lots of singing, dancing, t and a! If you find yourself in Minneapolis, go! We hit the after party at the bar next door. Angela talked to several troupe members as she knows many from when they came to Madison to join her in a Cherrypop show (Madison’s burlesque group)! Got to our hotel about midnight. Bed.

SAT—We have good friends who live in town, so the plan for today was to meet them at the Walker to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit. Unfortunately, their little guy was under the weather, so his Papa, Ed, joined us on his own. Our arrival was timed perfectly, as good Samaritans had extra passes and handed them to us when we walked in the door! No line! Woo hoo! The line to Frida was still short too. We waited 5 minutes, tops. The exhibit itself was a bit crowded, but not so deep with people you had to stand anywhere for long before you had a clear view. The Walker kept a head count of people going in and out of the exhibit, so there were never more then maybe 300 people in there at a time. I’m always in awe of being that close to an original piece where you can see each brush stroke. We covered a few other parts to the museum, and caught a performance dance troupe in passing. As we were leaving the gift shop, one of the troupe members shouted out “free hugs!”, so Ed and I got our fill. We considered shouting “free sex!” to see if we’d get the same turn out, but we’d probably need some sort of disclaimer as to only allow hotties. The line to get into the Frida show was looooooong at this point. Could our luck continue? The afternoon involved Ed chauffeuring us all around town. Midtown Global Market for lunch, and a variety of shops including hip clothing, used clothing, comic books, sex toys and a tattoo parlor. We couldn’t decide on how to get a four part tattoo that if we all lined up somehow, would feature one impressive masterpiece, so we left. He then dropped us off at our hotel to get our car, so we could follow him home and greet the family! Amy was prepared with fresh cookies, and little E with ball in hand ready to play catch with anyone willing to take him up on his offer. He’ll be three in just two weeks, and I must say, I’ll never known a toddler who can throw a ball so dead on! The Twins will obviously sign him up when he can sleep through the night without diapers. Glenn mentioned he threw better then Luke. I’ll just let Luke respond to that one.

We left town about 6pm with five hours of travel ahead of us. It was the perfect weekend until we hit the Tomah area. Snow had been coming down the past half hour or so, and now a few cars were in the ditch. Someone slowed down in front of us, Glenn touched the breaks, and boom, black ice. We were now a member of the Ditch Club. Angela’s car had 4-wheel drive but that didn’t help us any. Called AAA. “Should take about an hour.” Ok, probably more cars in the ditch then there are tow trucks in the area, so no problem. After about forty-five minutes a tow truck comes by asking if we need help. “Nope, we’ve got someone on the way.” About ninety minutes in, the tow truck calls with an e.t.a. Sounds good. Cops stop. “Everyone ok?” “Yup, hanging in there.” Two hours in. Return a phone call to the the tow truck. “Where are you?” “A car overturned just a mile back from where you are. We can see you, so sit tight, we’ll be there in a minute.” Yes, he said a minute! Two and a half hours in. Call back to AAA. “Where are these *fucking fuckers?!!” *Language exaggerated for dramatic effect. “We’ll see what we can do!” Minutes later, cops return. They just left the overturned car. Apparently no one was hurt so we mentioned that that was suppose to be our tow, and the fact that because that accident was a little more involved meant more money for the wrecker pulling them out. The cops were pretty calming and understanding, and offered to try pushing us out. One of them got behind the wheel, and obviously has had plenty of northwoods driving experience because after rocking back and forth some, and with the other cop pushing, had us back on the road and ready to roll! No small feat, mind you!! Just then the wrecker pulls up. “You guys good now?” Angela responds, “No thanks to **Asshole Towing Service!” **Name exaggerated for dramatic effect. So, after leaving Angela in Madison, we arrived home about 1:30am. Pugs were quite happy to see us, so it was another hour before we finally got to bed.

The moral to the story is, avoid road trips to Minneapolis in mid winter.


Luke said...

Oh, I don't need to respond to that one. Your landing in the ditch was karmic retribution for Glenn's little aside.

Jeff said...

Wow, an actual blog post! Next time you're in town I'll stop down and join up with you some where. If you'll have me that is.

That stretch of 94 from Tomah to Eau Claire is a real bitch in the winter. It seems like it's ALWAYS either foggy, raining buckets or snowing like hell in there. Must be all the pete bogs. Glad you made it home safe!

bon bon said...

damn glenn!!

i actually thought of you jeff, plus another friend i have in maple grove, but i knew this would only be a one-night stay, and our dance card was full. we're gonna try to make it again in the summer & hit art fair season. i'll be sure to drop you a note if we do!

amy said...

Great to see you guys. Thanks for playing catch with the little man. He was laughing today about how you hit him in the head with the ball. And ahem, he does make it through the night without diapers. Hello, Twins!

So sorry to hear you landed in the ditch. But very happy everyone's okay. Hope you make it back again soon.

bon bon said...

not many two year olds can take one of my signature 70mph fast pitches to the noggin and remain standing! he's a trooper, that kid! ;o)

we had a great time! thanks to all three of you for the hospitality!

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