31 December 2008

bumble attack!

bumble attack!

Staying too busy to blog and flickr these days. Cooking, eating, friends, family, shoveling, enjoying, etc. Plus a day job! I need to find employment that will pay me to do things from the prior list. Ok, maybe not shoveling.

Happy New Year all. From me and Bumble.

29 December 2008

Santa made it!!

Santa made it!!

I could not go to bed until I saw Santa had made it to Madison! Hope he got to your house too!

24 December 2008

may your christmas be...

may your christmas be...

Finally had a little time today to create a Christmas card! Probably too late to send, huh?

I also baked a pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, went grocery shopping, shoveled the pug paths winding through our backyard and cleaned the bathroom! Wow, the amount of work I can get done without having to watch a database spinning it's wheels in front of me is astounding!*

*You know who you are, database.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope Santa brings you everything you're dreaming of...

23 December 2008

time to reflect

time to reflect

View of our buffet from the mirror across the dining room.

Does anyone still need a gift idea for a toddler/preschooler? 'Cuz I just stumbled upon an awesome cd that I'm considering buying for myself! Although, I'm not sure I care to be caught singing "Godfrey (the sickly, unemployed, amateur children's magician)" at the top of my lungs next time I'm stuck in traffic. But what kind of parent would you be if you didn't introduce your little one to the Handsome Family and the Waco Brothers, really? Check it out here, or download it cheaper and faster at itunes.

Come on! All the kids are doing it!

19 December 2008

our future is in these hands

our future belongs in these hands

I don't want to state that the boys across the street are a few cards shy of a full deck, but allow me to submit this as evidence, your honor.

15 December 2008

jacob marley?

jacob marley?

I brought out all my cookie cutters, so in addition to trees and santas, there are also ghosts and dog bones in my odd mix of sugary deliciousness. I only made half a batch as I'm still trying to find the perfect recipe. No luck this year either. These are good but I want an airy, crumbly cookie. These are still too crisp. Maybe I shouldn't roll them so thin. But then I only get three cookies per roll. A full batch would solve that, wouldn't it? Duh.

I continue to be frustrated with my camera. I see everyone on flickr shooting amazingly clear photos which my old rebel can no longer achieve and I just want to chuck it. But I'm junkie. I don't care that the needle is dirty, I just need to shoot up.

All in all, I'd like my photos as crisp as my cookies, and my cookies as crumbly as my photos.

14 December 2008

to everything there is a season

wheel of less fortune

Kensi already opened a gift today! Unfortunately, it didn't belong to her. I recommend that dog owners not place spices under the tree, but no harm done as they're in glass jars.

Seems she favors the Turkish seasoning.

07 December 2008

i could use some lights!

i could use some lights!

As a child, I recall we always had a freshly cut tree in our house at Christmas. And by fresh, I mean Mom had usually stolen it that very morning from my uncle's woods. Not that he minded, but I don't remember her asking either. It was as simple as the woods were nearby and one tree gone missing wasn't going to put much of a dent in a thick forest of evergreens. Mom was probably doing him a favor by letting in a little sunlight here and there. I was her accomplice in charge of helping to carry the step ladder or saw. Sometimes, we'd steal one for Gramma too...where my uncle lived. Usually, it wasn't until the following spring that he would notice we had taken the top only off a nineteen foot spruce.

Families simply don't bond over theft like they used to...

05 December 2008

01 December 2008

as skully looks on...

When we last left our heroine, she was somewhere on the cusp of being busy and not caring, and so an unplanned hiatus developed.

I believe I've already mentioned that my camera has been taking a series of craps, so I hesitant to even pick it up these days. Today I've taken it upon myself to steal a photo from TLC's flickr stream. I'm hoping she won't mind as the it was taken in my kitchen.

Thanksgiving was lovely, thanks for asking. Once again this year, it was relatively relative-free. Keeping the drama and football at a minimum. Just food, friends and fun! Wait, that's a fast food motto, isn't it? How about liquor, food, friends and fun? That's more fitting anyway. Since then, the frig has slowly been releasing it's leftover goodness to us. We're still sitting on the last two cupcakes. One pumpkin cream cheese and one pineapple upside down. I'm considering selling them to the highest bidder for a little extra cash.

I need to start a camera fund.

25 November 2008

wrinkle head

wrinkle head

Taken in late October.

The last time I was able to step away from my desk.

20 November 2008

foto free fursday

Being pretty busy these days and only seeing daylight from my desk, I'm not getting in much photography. And I've never considered myself much of a writer, so those two factors add up to one boring blog. My lack of proper grammar and spelling, however, does not limit me from writing.

So I'll throw out this question...

What should I be doing to save money? There's panic in the streets about stocks bottoming out, people losing their homes, the second coming and some other things I'm only half paying attention to when NPR unsuccessfully wakes me up in the morning, instead managing to tangle it's story into my dream causing to me think Nina Totenburg is styling my hair. I mention to Nina, that I don't have any stocks or savings, so no worries there! Almost nine years ago now, we purchased a fifteen year mortgage at 5.05%, so we're sitting alright on that account. We rarely eat out, not even fast food, and have never even had a pizza delivered. I buy shoes and jeans as soon as my last pair wear out. We see about nine movies a year, always a matinee, never getting popcorn or soda. I have never been to a spa or had a manicure. So, as for all these reports of people who are cutting back on their waxing and collagen, the equivalent for me would be to sit in the dark and use cheaper toilet paper. Neither of which I'm willing to do. Have you ever wiped your ass in the dark? Bad things can happen. Especially with thin paper!

If anyone out there would care to share some of their realistic ways of cutting back, by all means share. I'd like to hear from those of you who don't buy your salad pre-chopped in a bag. Seriously, that's just wasteful.

14 November 2008

note to luke...

note to luke...


Would you be a dear and go over to the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum and pick me up another bottle of this? We finished it off on some tilapia tonight, and I was like "why aren't I putting this on every thing I make?" I seriously think this shit might even be good on ice cream.

It was $8. I'll pay you upon completed transaction. Thanks.

Love you. :o)


07 November 2008

mud puppy

mud puppy

It's been a fairly emotional week. Every time I hear a clip from Obama's acceptance speech, I get a little vaklempt all over again. I've never looked so forward to a change of power in my life. Good riddance to bad rubBUSH!

In addition to the highs of knowing we're just 76 days away from having a competent president in office, election day was also the day we found out Nigel has diabetes. Which I also consider good news! He had been sick with an ear infection and allergies and was on several different medicines, one of which was causing some weight loss. And if you've met Nigel, this was not a bad thing. But after being done with the meds for a week, the weight was still coming off and over the weekend he grew weaker and his eyes became bloodshot. I took him in Monday and Tuesday for tests, which lead to the diabetes results. Now after just three days, he's back to his bright eyed, tailing wagging, food-dancing self!

So, we have two reasons this week, to breathe a sigh of relief.

The photo is of a little mud creation I made this summer while digging in the flower bed. I hit a spot with quite a bit of clay, and there I sat for ten minutes like I was eight again. Minus a smock.

02 November 2008

gourd bless america

goard bless america

Time could have been better spent on creating a more permanent art piece, of course. But I'm a sucker for slicing into a pumpkin. This particular pumpkin is pretty big, and I didn't take into consideration how thick it was, so a simple candle wasn't producing enough background light. I had to nuke this sucker with a 60 watt. Which is why I couldn't shoot it straight on.

Clicking on the photo will take you to my flickr account where you can see two other angles.

And incase you couldn't tell, this is a portrait of our next president...John McCain. Future President of the Gourd Association of America.

30 October 2008

jeep shot

jeep shot

Taken through the window of Joel's jeep. I potato-chopped the sky to match the landscape. Artistic license.

28 October 2008

so very...

so very...

I loaded the last of the kitties photos. See the whole set here.

27 October 2008

all he surveys

all he surveys

These cats are amazing up close. Saying they're beautiful is simply an understatement. If you find yourself in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, as we did last week, be sure to look them up. A staff member walks you around talking about each animal and how they acquired it. Some have sad histories, but now they all have space to exercise and big tires to sharpen their claws on. I should have it so good.

26 October 2008

clinging to life

clinging to life

It's getting cold out and I'm sorely lacking in winter clothing. Guess I should've put my name in for Republican V.P. when I had the chance.

25 October 2008

between a rock and a hard wood

between a rock and a hard wood

Honestly, I couldn't tell you if a birch is a hard wood or not. It was probably covered at some point in my Wisconsin upbringing. As was dowsing. Only that requires willow branches. Don't let someone bullshit you into thinking Grandpa's wooden leg with do the trick. Unless it's made of willow, of course.

No, I'm not stoned.

24 October 2008

american the...

american the...

I was all irate today prepared to come home and blog for twenty minutes about this and ask just why the hell I'm expected to be proud of my country. But I've settled down a bit and moved on. Maybe this soothing nature scene is just want I needed. Or I'm picturing the white trash from this article hurling themselves from this cliff.

Plus, we're headed to a concert soon so I only have about three minutes to kill.

21 October 2008

rock boy

rock boy

Joel is smart.

He has a degree in geology. Here he is describing now anyone can make a rock simply by applying pressure. You may need a friend to help you because it takes LOTS of pressure! Pick your heaviest friend just to be safe. It also takes quite a bit of time, so don't expect to make yourself a pile of rocks in one afternoon! Rock making requires serious dedication.

If you are lacking in both time and effort, I would recommend omnipotence. In addition to rock making, I hear it's got quite a bit going for it.

20 October 2008

first stop, gooey goodness

first stop, gooey goodness

Did I mention we also hit Ski-Hi apple orchard yesterday? My god, what didn't we do, huh? Tomorrow's photo*, nude scuba diving! Woohoo!!

*Photo may vary.

19 October 2008



Another jam-packed weekend. Friday evening we attended the opening reception for Mami Wata: A Carnival of Water Creatures at the Chazen Museum of Art. The performances were wonderful and the exhibition a stunning collection of art all honoring "Mother Water". It continues through January 11, 2009. This photo is part of the Atimevu Drum and Dance Ensemble.

Saturday, Lynda Barry, along with several other topical (and vocal) graphic illustrators presented a discussion on communicating politically and socially through their art. Not a right-winger in the house. Although, we didn't go for the Bush-bashing (that was just a perk), we went because Lynda Barry a damn funny speaker.

We rounded out the weekend, taking in art and autumn with Joel and Terri! We only got in about a quarter of the studios on the list, as it was a rather lackadaisical tour with stops every time we saw a vibrant tree or shear cliff to take a photo of. Plus the big cats! We'd been on the art tour several times over the years but had no idea this organization was in this small town. It was pretty disheartening to know these beautiful animals will now live out their lives in cages, but they were all rescued from abuse and neglect, so a 30 x 40' space (I'm guessing here) with plenty of food, toys, and people who care about them, isn't such a horrible outcome.

I have quite a few photos to go through naturally, as I'm sure does Terri, although she already has a few posted. She's so on the ball.

16 October 2008

red, white and blew

red, white and blew

I take the country route home on occasion, frequently on Fridays, to avoid the northbound traffic of Ill"annoy"ians clogging our highways. You'd think that there would be something to do in Illinois on the weekend, but the amount of people leaving the state proves otherwise. Oh, I kid. I love the state beneath us.

I have quite a few relatives there so I shouldn't speak ill of flat landers. They're equally abusive with their cheesehead insults. Well, guess what Illinois, Lincoln was born and raised in Kentucky. Your serve.

Just looked up "cheesehead" in the urban dictionary, and Wisconsinites must be running the site because they've claimed the title as an affectionate term. "FIB" on the other hand...

Boy, this sure took a negative tone after posting such a serene photo, huh? Hopefully none of you can read.

13 October 2008

meme of sorts: music shuffle

luke & tria did this. so i'm jumping on that....i'm posting this on facebook too. (also, i passed on Malajube, 'cuz i couldn't find their wacky french lyrics anywhere.)

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly in the comments.
Step 4: For those who are guessing -- looking the lyrics up on a search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own.

ok, i've grown weary of this game and included all the answers. glenn correctly guessed 1 and 22 on facebook, btw.

1. Well it's hot in the yard and it's cool in the bed ~Neko Case–Whip The Blankets
2. Lives are like retractable _______ ~Flight of the Conchords–Pencils in the Wind
3. Quando as coisas do coracao Nao consegue compreender ~Seu Jorge–Life On Mars?
4. I'm dressed all in blue and I'm remembering you ~Rhett Miller–Come Around
5. You're just like time except you can still feel the shame ~Black Keys–All You Ever Wanted
6. If you take me back, back to your place ~Ryan Adams–Two
7. When you try your best, but you don't succeed ~Coldplay–Fix You
8. The boys from ___ _____ they drink whisky for their fun ~Lyle Lovett–North Dakota
9. I once lived a life of ease and comfort ~The Junkers–Hollow Log
10. Now taste, all I ever needed ~Kings of Leon–Arizona
11. She says hello from Istanbul ~Red Elvises–I Want To See You Bellydance
12. In every story, every secret told ~New Pornographers–Unguided
13. If you think that a kiss is all in the lips ~White Stripes–The Denial Twist
14. He said, I wanna shine in the eye of Orion ~Bell X1–Rocky Took a Lover
15. This goose is cooked, these tongues are tied ~The Shins–Black Wave<
16. Blues not the word for the way that I feel ~Patsy Cline–Crazy Arms
17. Here I am back home again ~Okkervil River–Black Sheep Boy
18. When it's my _____ __ ___ ___ ~Clem Snide–Moment In The Sun
19. I'm gonna tend a bad fire until you come around ~Old 97's–Up The Devil's Pay
20. Here now don't make a sound ~Foo Fighters–Long Road To Ruin
21. Well I stood on the corner until my feet got wet ~Tom Waits–Baby Gonna Leave Me
22. ___ _____ __ ___, is what I'm now paying for ~Elvis Presley–One Night of Sin
23. ___ sits alone at his desk in the dark ~Ben Folds–Fred Jones, part 2
24. Well I met her in a bar, the men with big guitars were a playin' ~The Fratellis–Got My Nuts From a Hippie
25. If I get _____ __ ___ ____ don't go revenging in my name ~The Avett Brothers–Murder In The City

12 October 2008

monument to autumn

monument to autumn

We made almost every effort to get up to my parents' woods while the colors were at their peak, but according to Dad we missed it by four days, six hours and thirty-seven minutes. Or some such shit. Ok, so we should've tried harder to get up there last weekend. The woods were still beautiful even though a majority of it has turned to yellow and brown. Temperatures were still in the 80º, so we slept in the camper. Dad warned us there was a bear down there, and proved it by showing us the photos he had taken of it's poop. Bear eat a lot of corn, were you aware? Anyway, we cannot confirm or deny Dad's photos. Hell, he may have taken them at the zoo.

Mom fed us too much (as always). We could have our choice of cookies, cake or pie for dessert. Then "do you want ice cream or cool whip on that?" Seriously. Plus, Mom can never make just a pork roast, or just a beef roast. They must be made together as a porkandbeefroast. At the Ule's, food is love.

Obviously, they're fond of bears too as they supplied all that corn.

06 October 2008

olbrich close up

olbrich close up

Katrina's senior pics. Taken in August. Check out that smile!

My regret of the day was there wasn't a cloud in the sky so we needed to search out shade where ever we went. Although, I've got a feeling sunshine follows this young woman where ever she goes.

03 October 2008

cammi, giver of kibble

cammi, giver of kibble

I am so not ready for this.

I made sure I came home before dark today because I wanted one final look at my yard as it was. Still is. Won't be come morning.

Weather reports for tonight threaten frost. Impatiens mortal enemy. Since our yard is 88% shade, impatiens are the only flower it will tolerate. All those bright little faces will be lying in wilted piles of potential compost come morning. Sad.

I tried getting Kensi to pose here, but she would have no part of it without a reward. Cammi obliged and seconds after this was snapped, the pug chewed off her arm up to the elbow! Smell of kibble, lose an arm. Kensi's motto.

02 October 2008

piranha face

piranha face

It's getting to be teeth-chattering weather. As Nigel demonstrates here.

27 September 2008

bubbly conversation

bubbly conversation

You can't have a parade on Willy Street without the infamous bubblecar! Or hippies.

The 30th annual Willy Street Fair was held last weekend, and it was perfect belly-exposing weather. Afterwards, we walked around with Olive for a while (who was in the parade. Although, anyone who wanted to be in the parade could be), and it was fun watching her and the reaction of the people seeing her. Men especially enjoyed the view. Now, I've heard tales of when Republicans "party". Lots of money is spent on food, drugs and hookers, and somehow that expense falls back on the hands of the taxpayer. Dems know how to throw a cheap party. AND because they're also Earth conscious, can clean up after themselves. Just be sure to sign the petition at the Labor booth after enjoying your plate of humus.

Today we're heading to Dogtoberfest at Capital Brewery in Middleton. Although the high temps are still pushing 80º around here. Not comfortable pug weather. Could be we'll sit in the air-conditioned car barking at bypassers.

No party affiliation required there.

22 September 2008

20 September 2008

under my umber-el-a-a-a-a

under my umber-el-a-a-a-a

Did I mention we got our fare share of rain while we were there? Well, I'm saying it again to emphasize the fact we got our fare share of rain while we were there. I think this is the afternoon that we got a nap in.

I was reminded of something yesterday (it being Talk Like a Pirate Day), that reoccurred at the film fest. At the first movie we attended, the volunteer came out to announce the director, yadda yadda, and state that they had a "no piracy" policy. A handful of audience members vocally exclaimed, aaaaargh. Their synchronicity lead us to believe this was not the first time it happened. Over the next several days, at every movie, a small of group would whip out pirate noises every time the anti-piracy message was splashed across the screen. Rather quietly too as if the said pirates were disappointed with this decision. Non-pirates would then giggled. Rubbing it in.

17 September 2008

Adrien, out of focus

Adrien, out of focus

My auto focus is shot. It has been for some time now, which now looking back at all my photos should impress you knowing I shoot everything manually, right?! Sure. But the reason I bring it up here is that all the shots taken at the Blindness premiere were taken over the heads of screaming fans. If someone was coming, I'd take a stab at where they'd be in focus since I wouldn't be able to look through the view finder. I got a few ear and shoulder shots using this technique. Plus an awesome shot of Julianne Moore from neck to knees. I'm thinking I can sell that one to People magazine to cushion my retirement fund.

14 September 2008



My God, the man is a thing of beauty.

Contrary to what you may think, I did not surprise my husband with plane tickets to Toronto for our wedding anniversary so that I could see Gael Garcia Bernal. Or at least, this is not something I will admit to. I bought the tickets back in May, and at that time no one knew which movies would be playing or what celebrities would show up at TIFF. Gael's appearance was merely a happy coincidence.

Johnny back in March, and now Gael. Good year.

11 September 2008

nice melons


I've got a third of the photos posted from our trip to Toronto. When I get to the celebrities, I'll put those in their own folder so you won't have to rifle through these boring ass ones again. 'Cuz I know you're here to see John Malkovich. Naked. We did get to see Dave Foley naked as a matter of fact. But it was on film, not live. So, I don't have any photos to share.

You're welcome.

01 September 2008

grrl group

omg, who are those hotties?! Alright, it's TLC, Cupcake Wahine and myself rocking out. TLC was unfamiliar with Creep and required backup.

Anyway, the recent addition to the wedding set photos were taken by our pal, Steve, and marked as such.

We're enjoying a gorgeous Labor Day weekend! Backyard campfires, Taste of Madison, flinging fallen pears from the tree before the wasps find them...what everyone is doing with their three day weekend! I do need to get some work done as well. Glenn went into work this morning for a few hours and I should be using this time to do the same. But doing something that is so very thankless and unfulfilling usually requires some procrastination. Procrastination before motivation! I think I just found a new motto.

29 August 2008

every august

every august

...these flowers shoot up on tall stalks in my flower bed and die a week later. I have no idea what they are.

So, Glenn and I are currently in the process of researching All Things Toronto in preparation for our upcoming trip. We have fortunately, been there before we so do know the difference between Kensington Market and St Lawrence Market. (One is named after my dog!) But we’re by no means seasoned, so this last week, we’re cramming. And not just typical stuff like, who makes the best peameal bacon sandwich in town. No! We have to read up on all the movies playing! We’ll most likely be standing in sold out rush lines for several hours, and if the film sucks, well, that’s 4-5 hours we’ll never get back. (Thanks a lot, John Waters!)

What do you think...it this plot worth the wait?

28 August 2008

armless bandits

armless bandits

Are you aware you're not allowed to take photos in a casino? Me neither.

I'm sitting here waiting for Obama to make his appearance at the DNC tonight, and curious as to who is responsible for picking out all the music. "Isn't She Lovely" played the other night when Michelle Obama came out. Sure, there are no songs that exclaim "Isn't She a Lawyer" but someone could've put a little more thought into the selections. Or least allowed someone younger to do it. Barack could leave the stage to DeVotchka's Head Honcho. Hell, I'm sure Conor Oberst would probably write a song specifically for the event if he was asked nicely.

While we wait for our next president to appear, take a look at this.
And smile–
Where The Hell is Matt?

27 August 2008



Been working some long hours lately. Mr. Blog and I haven't been seeing too much of each other. Like any relationship, ours is currently waning. The admiration is still there, but we're just not able to find much quality time. I'm sure things will pick up after some therapy.

The photo was taken last Saturday in Madison. Sonny Landreth played a free concert outdoor in Orton Park. We saw him several years back playing an outdoor event in Milwaukee too. Also free. We're cheap like that. Or rather, we know how to enjoy ourselves on a shoestring.

Fact is, we need to save all our "loonies" for our trip to Canada next weekend! We're heading to the Toronto Film Fest to see how much celebrity action we can score. Wish me luck in the form of Gael Garcia Bernal.

16 August 2008

daily vitamin c

daily vitamin c

No.2 son has left the building. We are thus empty-nesters now. So, if you'll excuse me...

10 August 2008

oh to be a pug...

oh to be a pug...

One owned by me anyway. Let's face it, they're pretty spoiled.

09 August 2008

eef barzelay

eef barzelay

No good photos of Eef's performance Thursday night. Cafe Montmartre's lighting is comparable to that of the inside of a mole's lair. If moles reside in lairs. An evil mole, I suppose. Anyhoo, I put on the lensbaby lens, turned the camera to 3200 asa, and crossed my fingers. Then of the shots that did turn out, not many resembled him. Not sure what that's about. Just the same, I was there and this proves it. So do not challenge me.

He signed a cd for me too. In case more proof is needed.

On a totally unrelated tangent, I came across this website today, which amused me. Obviously none of these folks ever landed on Designed To Sell while flipping though the channels.

04 August 2008

guess the auto...

guess the auto...

What a glorious weekend. Beautiful weather. Good friends...

Did some outdoor grilling, movie going, and attended a vintage auto show at Botham Vineyards. Fifteen acres of rolling, vine covered hills. Although, we'll have to go back sometime when it's event- (and crowd-) free.

Can anyone guess this car shown? My parents had one was I was little-bity and they have a shot of me peeking out the round window. Man, do I wish they still had that car...

I also broke it to Glenn this weekend that we are going to Toronto the weekend of our anniversary! Which coincides with the Toronto Film Fest. Hells yeah!! We went in 2005 too. At that time, we purchased the out of town package and paid an arm, leg, and kidney to pick out our movies in advance. This year we're going to save a little cash and wing it. May not get in our first or second choices, but here's the best thing...even if we don't get in any movies, we'll be in fuckin' Toronto! In your face!!

Sorry. I get a little excited when I'm in celebrity stalking mode.

03 August 2008

{add zebra noise here}

{add zebra noise here}

Earlier this week, TLC and I went to check out what was going down in Richland Center. Turns out things were going up. A house being built by ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I knew nothing about it, but when she said "hey, wanna go?" I said, "do I need to take off work?" and you can pretty much guess the rest of that conversation.

I didn't take any exciting shots, as we couldn't get that close. Which is why you're getting this shot of a zebra's ass instead. We stopped at a roadside vegetable market/petting zoo on the way home to get our fill of cheese curds and being nibbled by baby goats. Gotta love Wisconsin, right? I'm sorry, that's not really a question as the correct response is most certainly...yes.

31 July 2008

hooray for husbands...not monkeys

OMG! You'll never guess where I found my glasses! On top of my head!! YES! They've been there this whole time! For FOUR DAYS! Can you believe it?!

Just kidding. Glenn found them hanging from our living room lamp.

So, now I'm going to put a new post on craigslist to get rid this damn monkey!

Free To Good Home
CONS: Kleptomaniac. Likes to hide things around the house. Especially eyewear. Smells. Flings poop.
PRO: Keeps in-laws at bay. Uncanny ability to pick the correct wine with any meal.

27 July 2008

part my hair, and kiss my brow, and say, my love why sufferest thou?

part my hair, and kiss my brow, and say, my love why sufferest thou?

Cupcake Wahine and I invited each other to two separate events this weekend. Saturday, I invited her to a $10 burlesque show in Madison, and on Sunday, she invited me to Cirque du Soleil in Chicago.

She wins.

But Cirque du Soleil does not allow photos so today's view is from the night before.

One show had a woman pouring chocolate sauce all over herself and the other had a man in a dog costume lifting his leg and peeing all over Cupcake. To which I'll let you guess which happened where.

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