30 December 2007

a winter's night #2

a winter's night #2

Haven't had much time for posting lately. Work, baking, visiting...you know. You can throw a little burn out in there too. But I hope everyone that I never found time to wish a merry Christmas, did just that. :o)

We've gotten a ridiculous amount of snow this December. I seem to recall we had a brown Christmas last year. Personally, I lean towards the white kind. It's been absolutely beautiful outside since we got a fresh coat of about eight inches on Friday, and the temperature has remained in the upper 20ºs(F), so it's been staying put. I took the camera and a tripod out the other night to capture a few shots. The moon was almost bright enough to focus. Got the "pug in action" on this shot. As you can see, if we didn't shovel trails through the yard, the pugs would be up to their ears by now. There are a few layers, as we've had snow, some melting, more snow, rain, snow, snow, melting, snow, so you could excavate through various layers to recreate that of a dinosaur dig, if you desired. Come to think of it, that would make for a pretty cool snow sculpture! I'll get on that, and get back to you...

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