02 December 2007

got tree?

got tree?

An oldie but goodie. Took this in 2004 for our Christmas card. Glenn took it actually as that's my hand. Quite cold as I recall. But I art directed him beyond belief, poor guy. "No, slightly to the right so the left of the ornament covers three quarter inches of the middle tree." I do that for a living, by the way. Although, I'm not always in the studio, it is the enjoyable part to my job. Making demands of photographers. So, I just go into art direction mode at home too. "Honey, shoot from the left of the pugs because the light from that window looks great right there! Down more...no, farther...here, let me do it."

Again I say, poor guy.


Dan said...

"poor guy"

and for so many reasons too.

bon bon said...

i know. i'm pure evil.

tlc said...

yes, poor, poor guy. has to have a terrific wife who loves him so. we should all be so tortured.

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