17 November 2007

when pug and octopus collide

when pug and octopus collide

We have no fewer than three hiding places in our home, which I'll refer to as stuffed toy recuperation centers. Nigel is moderately gentle with his toys, but as Kensi doesn't allow him to keep anything in his mouth for longer then, oh, half a second, it is soon reduced to something resembling George Washington's wig after a night of drunken revelry. I pull an old toy out every now and then to sew up an old wound. Nigel sits patiently waiting for the scissors to snip the thread, as he's learned that that's the sign it's once again ready for destruction. The toy hits the ground and it's a free for all. The pugs play leap frog to get into the better position, but Kensi being the more aggressive of the two, is always the victor. Sometimes Nigel stands back and cries. Our poor little pussy boy. "Get in there! Bite her! She's got it coming!!" It's like watching pay per view. Then Kensi realizes Nigel's no longer in the ring and will drop the toy just to attack him! We run interference until it seems like she's tired herself out a bit. Then we physically hold her back allowing Nigel to get in on the action for awhile.

Kensi also feels the need to herd Nigel in from outside. I'll call them back to the house, but she can't return without him. I should rephrase that because it's not about returning at all. She can already be ten feet from the door, but if Nigel is sixty feet away, it's necessary that she reprimand him. "Sure, I'm not listening to Mom, but more importantly, you're not listening to Mom! You've given me no choice but to bite you."

Just looking at her, you wouldn't guess that she's this evil. Poor Nigel dreams of the days when he was an only pug.


ALT - [f r a m e s] said...

Pepper is the same way. We're trying to teach him the difference between his toys and those of Julieana's.

Also, Pepper discovered that there's a groundhog living in our backyard. He acts all tough until he gets about 12 feet from it, then realizes, "Oh, shit: wild animal." Then he scurries back, fast.

bon bon said...

i'm afraid kensi would think "hey, a playmate!", then when the groundhog protested, she'd hope 20 minutes of barking at it just might change it's mind.

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