28 November 2007

king of the skies

king of the skies

I probably shouldn't mention that this is another shot I dug up from a year ago. But as I never see the light of day any more other than from my desk (and that's not very photogenic), it's archived or nothing, I'm afraid.

This is from our flight to Providence last fall.


Clay Blancett said...

I really like the enforced entertainment on flights these days.

Olive said...

Great, weird photo, PK!

Jeff said...

It's been so long since I've been on a flight I've never even seen those before. Either that or the bargain basement airlines I use don't have planes that modern.

So do you have a choice or does everyone have to watch the same thing?

Sam said...

All those peoples lives endangered through careless use of electronic items whilst in flight.

Just got off a 16 hour flight where my face was literally 1 ft from the projection screen. I have no idea what I was watching.

bon bon said...

jeff—it varies where the monitor is. in this case, no. they just showed a a few half hour shows, and some "entertainment" clips, like E! to fill time. i don't recall an in-flight movie this time. chicago to providence is a fairly short flight.

i'll have to check in on where you are these days, sam! i've been an unsocial blogger lately.

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