02 November 2007

dream state

dream state

Luke and Tria came by Halloween to help distribute candy. And Ramen noodles. Luke depleted our supply of both by the fistfuls. I shouted my apologizes from the door to the parents of toddlers who left with the unexpected "treat". I'm sure they were looking for the hidden razor blades later that night, as no sane person would hand out Ramen.

They also brought over their Wii, so between candy distributions, I was initiated. I was unsuccessful with tennis and quickly moved on to bowling, where I prevailed. And kicked Luke's ass! Correction: Jesus kicked Andy Gibb's ass! I should stick with character names to spare the boy.

The next day at work, I took my normal three flights of stairs. They were a little more difficult, but it didn't dawn on me until the second time up at noon, that it was because I was bowling in my living room the night before.

No connection with the photo. Just a pug contemplating a nap in the sun.


Jeff said...

It took guitar hero III for Wii before I officially became a member of the zombie club. Now I need an intervention.

Just one word of advice. Stay away from it.

bon bon said...

don't worry. luke lives 50 minutes away and i have no intention of dropping that much money on a Wii myself. his old playstation (i think?) had guitar hero, and i attempt that once too. maybe it's because i'm old or my lack of a y chromosome, but i only have room for one addiction in my life.

sweet, sweet bourbon.

Anonymous said...

bowling is my expertise too, although i get very excited and grab my leg when i swing to throw the ball and i end up very bruised by the end of the game.


Luke said...

I got Guitar Hero III.


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