28 October 2007



This is me after a thirteen hour work day. There have been many this year.

I wrote Luke and asked him about this japanese playstation game he has. You start with a ball, or some lump of sorts, and roll it all over the room and things cling to it, so the ball gets bigger and outgrows it's surroundings. The bigger it gets, the more "magnetic" it become, so you start picking up cats, then people, then houses, mountains, etc. The game is called katamari. It's completely insane. Just what you'd expect from the japanese.

I bring it up because it dawned on me at work last week that that's what I'm doing. Moving more and more shit around that's grown to an amount that I can no longer even back off enough to see it all.

I don't know how the video game ends, but my version seems almost as pointless, and yet there's no bonus to acquire.


Kerry said...

That sounds ace, the game not your work life.

I followed the video link and liked this one too

Perhaps you could arrange for it to happen at work and it would just take everything away?

bon bon said...

ow, i'd like that. as long as i was there at the time. that video looked painful.

kerry said...

It said it was by the ad agency that has done the sony bravia adverts. Do you get them over there? They did one where they exploded paint everywhere and another one with playdoh bunnies (although I think someone's suing them for using their idea)

Luke said...

It ends with you creating the moon.

bon bon said...

i haven't seen them on tv. but i am familiar with kozyndan, so i saw the "stolen" ad at their blog—

...i'm sure i'll never reach the moon.

i mistyped earlier. it should say "wasn't"...so very tired.

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