21 October 2007

this concludes wiener week

this concludes wiener week

Seeing that each day I got fewer flickr views, I think everyone's had their share of wiener.

Tomorrow begins another wiener week, of sorts! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Today we held our monthly installment of Dr. Sketchy's, with our first male model! Boy was a hit! The ladies love their beefcake, I tell ya. They were particularly well behaved really. I was concerned that with the addition of alcohol, some girls gone wild type of action might take place, but there was only one incident of a female getting a bit randy. Boy deflected her quite tactfully.

Head on over to the flickr pool this week where folks will be posting their drawings. I'll do my best to get some photos in there if I can avoid a 55 hour work week...God willing.


Greg said...

Bye Wienermobile.

We barely knew ya. . .

clayb said...

It looks like it's laughing

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