25 September 2007

the windy apple

the windy apple

Someone appears to be having more fun than normal! Actually, I think I just caught Joel in the middle of a sentence. He doesn't tend to get overly excited about things.

We took this carriage ride around ten o'clock friday night. Temps were still in the 80ºs. Afterwards, Glenn and I were ready to hit the sack, but tlc and Joel continued to play tourist and went to the top of the Hancock Tower for drinks. I didn't think to loan them my camera. According to them, it was quite the view. But, they were drinking afterall, so I'd have been taking my chances that they dropped it from the ninety-sixth floor, or decided to photograph each other bare asses. 'Cuz you know that's what every drunk does with a camera.

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tlc said...

LOL! (snort!)

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