11 September 2007

where'd i put mine?

where'd i put mine?

Weren't we voted the #1 biking city in the US this past year? I don't believe this has anything to do with the Ironman competition. I honestly don't know why they picked Madison or it's history here. I think we won the opportunity to hold the event by promoting it with the motto "Madison—As good a city as any!"

Normally, we avoid going downtown anytime a major sporting event is being held, but we were fortunate enough to book a restaurant with private parking. No drive-thru for us! We're what some people refer to as a-dults now! Although, I'm sure we'll never entirely grasp that concept.


Spudooli said...

How about - Madison, it sucks less than most other cities!

We love watching the Ironman on ESPN. We get to visit Madison again without the 27 hours in planes and airports.

Olive said...

A-dults? More like, a dolt and a doll! (jk, glenn, bfa dude) Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds.

Sam said...

Wow! I went to Amsterdam once, and the whole riverside looks like this.

What they need is a little flag on the back.

bon bon said...

spudooli—agreed. madison's suckatude is on the low end.

thanks olive! um, from me anyway! i'll let the dolt speak for himself. ha!

sam—this is a serious competition! don't you realize how much that little flag would slow them down?! what are you thinking, man!

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