08 September 2007

super cute happy fun dog go!

super cute happy fun dog go!

We can't set foot outside these days without being eaten alive by mosquitoes. It's horrible! The month of August set a record for rainfall. Which normally this time of year, the grass is starting to turn brown and flowers are drying up. But it currently looks like spring has returned! It's beautiful! You're just forced to enjoy it from the safety of your house unless you have no problem with losing a pint of blood every time you step out into the fly-zone.

Kensi loves sitting outside in the sun. It's always difficult getting her to come back in. I give the pugs back and rear a quick shot of repellent before sending them out to do "their business", otherwise I could easily see a swarm of 30-40 mosquitoes carrying her off. They would need an assist from a few hawks to get Nigel off the ground.

I should add, in his defense, he's lost six pounds since being on his thyroid medicine. He's now a curvy 38 pounds! Ok, all the curves are still convex, but he's feeling better about himself! So if you see him, tell him how good he looks. He likes that. Plus, we're tired of hearing, "man, that's a fat pug!" Yes, he's on meds now, and what's your excuse?


Jeff said...

Great picture (as usual for you). And dahling... he looks FABULOUS!

Miss Mrs...a blog of everyday delights said...

My hubby wants a pug soooo bad.

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