09 September 2007

product placement

product placement

Not the greatest shot. I could've messed with it to improve upon it's color and tone down the noise, but I'm rather lazy tonight. And I like the shot anyway. So there.

Glenn and I were downtown Madison for supper and being the non-followers of sports that were are, we didn't realize until today that the Ironman competition was going on. Not that this effected us really. One lane of traffic was closed coming in on John Nolan but I think anyone who wanted to be downtown by the time we were heading in, was already there. They were already at their final leg (and on their final legs), so they filtered by randomly. By the time we left the restaurant, we could hear the announcements being made at the capital square about five blocks down, so we strolled over to gawk. It was quite an international event with the common factor of everyone dressed like a baked potato...I'll add some more photos in the next day or so and you'll see what I'm talking about.


Greg said...

This year's Ironman was rough, but I made it once again! I didn't see you guys, though. Maybe next year.

bon bon said...

i'm proud of you, greg! and with the added challenge of riding a unicycle* too! way to go!

(*during the swim event)

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